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Black Gold Powder

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Available in Black and Blonde :)


Black Gold Powder is a wound concealing powder, intended to help encourage blood to clot more quickly, while concealing minor wounds.

It's intended uses are to cover and protect minor wounds on pets. Such as a quicked nail, a small cut, or minor skin irritation.

The exact contents however also include herbs traditionally claimed to have soothing and healing properties. You can learn more about these herbs in our Know Your Ingredients section. We encourage you to do your research and let us know what else you have tried Black Gold Powder on.

Know Your Ingredients.

There are so many things out there we put in and apply to our bodies that we often do not really know the contents of. This is part of what Black Gold into existence. So we feel it is important to let you know exactly what is in Black Gold and why. Below is a list of all of our ingredients along with information about them. So you can Know Your Ingredients, and maybe even start your own journey on a more healthful path for you and your pets. Click photo's for helpful links, and do some research yourself as well.


 Cayenne Pepper








 Activated Charcoal

 Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth

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