Groomer's Best 3 Unit Cage Bank

Regular price $1,495.00

Groomers Best Cage Banks are top of the line! Constructed with 20-gauge stainless steel, sure to last a lifetime and remain sanitary.  Clean up is easy with our Spray & Drain cleaning system!  Includes three units, polyethylene floor grates, smooth gliding locking casters, and removable bottom tray.  Doors operate on a hook and latch system.  Clean up is fast and easy!  Delivered fully assembled!

Includes removable floor grates, locking casters, waste tray. 

Delivered fully assembled.

Spray & Drain Cleaning System. 

Removable Waste Tray. 

Bottom units have removable divider to make one large unit.

Handcrafted in the USA

Also Available in 9,6 ,and 5 unit banks

3 year warranty