Groomer's Best Walk-in Bathing Tub 48"

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  • The Groomer's Best Stainless Steel In-Line Tub is very similar to the very popular stainless steel Walk-Through Grooming Tub but in a different configuration. Don't hal
  • The manufacturing process provides a double layer of protection to insure your new tub will not leak.
  • Easy set up and assembly, just put the legs and ramp on!
  • Includes a non-slip ramp with Lift and Slide design. The ramp locks into position easily, to put it away just lift itup aand slide it back!
  • Constructed of 18 gauge 304 stainless steel
Groomer's Best walk-in bathing tub is a walk in style tub that comes with a textured sealant on the outside that can be ordered in multiple colors to match the decor of your salon. (Custom colors are an additional charge, check with your salesman) Fully welded and double sealed to ensure it won't leak. Made in the USA