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Jodi Murphy Volume 13: Poodle DVD

Regular price $35.00

The Poodle is a very elegant breed. Jodi will demonstrate two trims as well as three head styles. This is a 2 DVD set for the same great price of other single disc volumes!  The entire run time is over 4 hours.

The first trim will give your Poodle style without leaving excessive coat. Following the Poodle's body structure will help you achieve that pretty outline. Learn different structure points to use as a guide to trim this breed. The second trim is the famous Miami trim. Jodi will show you how to set the topknot into a 7F body so the entire trim just flows. Learn how to set those bracelets to balance out this very functional trim. As a bonus, Jodi will demonstrate a pet banded topknot and also a German T-Trim head style.