Table Works Dryer Holder 18" Inch

Regular price $69.99

Are you tired of trying to squeeze those obnoxious spring clips on your flexible dryer holder, or frustrated that it won't stay put on the table?
We have a solution for you....

The Table Works Dryer Holder has been developed to meet the needs of small animal groomers. It is used by grooming shops, professional handlers, and animal lovers as they prepare their animals for shows, exhibitions, etc. Our Dryer Holder features:

    •   A small, sturdy, clamp to securely mount it to a table or other object
             (i.e. door, chair, rail, etc.).
    •   An easy to use saddle and bungee arrangement to conveniently
             hold most, if not all, hand-held hair dryers. It easily accommodates
             blower hoses, lights, or whatever your need.
    •   Commercial quality flexible tubing that is easily bent into position, yet
             stays where you put it.
    •   Sturdy aluminum and steel construction to provide years of use.

The Dryer Holder is available in either 18" or 24" models and weighs just under 2-1/2 pounds. Because it is shorter, the 18" model is slightly sturdier than the 24" model.

Sizes:   18" Dryer Holder $64.95    24" Dryer Holder $69.95